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Author’s Note 1: Fanart, Tshirts, Group Houses

No interlude today, but a quick wrapping up of some items and happenings.

75thTrombone has put together an Unsong subreddit for any conversation that doesn’t fit on this blog.

Relevant links: Adam Kadmon, The Present Crisis, what were the 974 generations before the creation of the world?, angels challenging Moses for possession of the Torah, The Destruction of Sennacherib, God plays with Leviathan (2), Cantor and the aleph, Peter Singer and effective altruism, Edward Teller’s atomic alphabet, the Fermi paradox, do angels understand Aramaic?, Dominic system of mnemonics.

Some comments that were pretty spot-on: Sniffnoy on Ithaca’s bookshelf, G on the dinner party guests, Pickle on theodicy, Anon on Peter Singer, werttrew on chapter titles.

Some fan art:, endecision’s Uriel, thetransintransgenic’s Apollo 8, comparativelysuperlative’s Hamilton parody mashup, and here’s a spare Nixon I saved from a deleted Tumblr:

Some fans taking a strong position against coveting with the t-shirts mentioned in Chapter 5:

Thanks to everyone for all of the above, and thanks also for all of your nice words and helpful feedback. I’ve seen some online stories that reward people who make fan art or similar things with very minor characters named after them. I don’t have too many cameo spots available, but if you’re interested, let me know.

I got an email last week from a reader who told me she had lived in a Silicon Valley group house called “Ithaka” back when she went to Stanford, and wanted to know why I was writing a story about her life. I had never heard of her or her house before. Needless to say, nothing is ever a coincidence.

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