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Author’s Note 8: Textbook, Erica, Indianapolis

Art, starting with a cover for Kabbalah: A Modern Approach (I can’t find the original artist, tell me who you are so I can give you credit!):

And by Tumblr user topquarkintown, Uriel stacking twelve-dimensional shapes:

…and Erica:

Here’s a Hebrew translation of the Unsong version of Hallelujah, by Shaked.

Jaskologist on a theory of magic vanishing from the universe. His timeline matches Unsong’s pretty well. Also, more Jaskologist on magic.

The Rishon Model of physics, an attempted Theory of Everything using particles called Tohu and Vohu.

“Schroeder believes, quite earnestly, that the city of Indianapolis was built to be a gateway to Hell by Masonic pagans” (h/t deusvulture)

Plot-relevant articles: Bush’s inaugural address, Lovecraft’s Fungi From Yuggoth, Obama and Trump in Bible prophecy, chashmal (and more), telepathy in kabbalah, God killing 2.8 million people in the Bible, Irving Greenberg and Holocaust theology, Cathar parfaits, Derek Parfit.

Thanks to everyone who said hi to me and talked to me about Unsong at the Asilomar conference. I have to say, it’s scary enough knowing that cool Silicon Valley people read Slate Star Codex. Knowing that some of them read Unsong is just a little too much for me.

Here’s a picture from the conference of me with Sam Teller, a director at SpaceX. Cf. Chapter 10 – “The kabbalistic meaning [of Teller] is ‘someone who calls down destructive celestial energies'”!

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