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Author’s Note 4: Moon Landing, Rebbe, Podcast Again

I should probably start off with yet more fanart of Sohu. I guess by this point I’ve gotten the message about character readers like.

Relevant wiki (and other) articles: the Cainites, CREEP, Pardes (ie the four-rabbis-in-an-orchard story) Elisha ben Abuyah, the mitzvah of sending away the mother bird, the marshmallow test, Griffith Observatory, Mayor Ed Koch, the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

The starting quote for Chapter 23 comes from this extraordinarily UNSONGesque video about the Bible predicting the moon landing. Especially interesting because the presenter – believe it or not – was a former NASA engineer who worked on the Apollo missions:

And Ed Koch discusses his meeting with the Lubavitcher Rebbe:

Some of the Rebbe’s miracles, and Chabad’s explanation for why there aren’t more miracles all the time (which I tried to sort of adapt for the interlude). Also, unrelated to the story (or is it?), but this video of the Rebbe is adorable.

More from the subreddit: a historical timeline, Gwern’s analysis of Edward Teller’s Atomic Alphabet, B_For_Bandana draws a cool kabbalistic connection from current news. And r/rational has strong feelings about The Broadcast.

The podcast (not to be confused with The Broadcast) is back and up to Chapter 9.

I was going to put this up on in time for this Author’s Note, but it looks like it needs to be approved and that takes a while. So I’ve submitted it and will be asking readers to vote for it sometime in the near future. In the meantime, take a look and enjoy the other stories on the site.

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