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Author’s Note 9: Uriel, Purim, Yisrael

More fanart. From Miniti8, a Uriel and Sohu picture:

I don’t know why everyone pictures Uriel as having an absurd number of eyes, but I think it works. Also, from Xenograteful on Reddit (click picture to expand, explanations here)

If that’s not enough for you, check out the great (albeit not-directly-Unsong-inspired) angelic/kabbalistic artwork at Angelarium.

More from the subreddit: LittleYid went dressed as an UNSONG agent for Purim, ColorfulFluidDynamo’s ridiculously complex Wall Drug theory, this_greg on kabbalistic correspondences between Purim and the Nuremberg trials, a National Geographic article on Siberia’s Growing Doorway To Hell (TINACBNIEC), and Unsong glowing brain meme.

And if you haven’t seen it already, you might be into the kabbalistic speculations of Adam Dobrin. Usually I don’t like gawking at obviously schizophrenic people, but given the fact that I am trying to do the same thing he’s doing, and he’s doing it better, I hope he can accept my link as praise rather than mockery. Be sure not to miss the comparison of Jewish and Egyptian deities based on parsing “Yisrael” as “why is ra el?”.

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9 Responses to Author’s Note 9: Uriel, Purim, Yisrael

  1. Pickle says:

    The NatGeo article link is broken; being interpreted as a relative path rather than an absolute link.

    Angelarium is great, but needs more Metatron.

  2. Sniffnoy says:

    Something seems to have gone wrong with the first few links?

  3. Good Burning Plastic says:

    Here’s the story Scott would write if he was a scientist in academia: “Publication Stock Exchange” by Istvan Daruka.

  4. Deiseach says:

    I think people are giving Uriel lots of eyes because they equate him with one of the Ophanim; his powers are such that he’s plainly one of the higher tiers of the angelic hierarchy, not a ‘mere’ angel.

  5. jms says:

    I gotta say, regarding Adam Dobrin, after reading some of that… something is seriously askew there. Especially his obsession with Taylor Momsen. This guy’s on wordpress, twitter, linkedin… wait, what? Yeah. Yeah, he is. Good luck construing meaning from between the lines here. Hope he’s getting help.

  6. Little-Yid says:

    Thank you for the shout out!

    Does being mentioned here … does that mean I exist in the UNSONGverse?

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