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Postscript 1: Wrap Parties + Fan Music

It’s kabbalistically important that there only be ten author’s notes, so this is a postscript even though the book isn’t technically finished yet.

The Berkeley wrap party will be at 4:30 on Sunday, location and directions here. There is no entrance fee, but donations to help cover the cost of the venue would be appreciated.

Other wrap parties include NYC, Tel Aviv, Boston; and Austin; I’m bolding the last one since I missed mentioning it on the last chapter.

I’m planning to release Chapter 72 around 8 PM EST on Sunday. If you’re going to hold a wrap party, want to read the chapter at the party, and need it before then, I can email it to you a little early (may not have last minute edits). If you want to do this, comment here with your email address.

There will be an Epilogue published next Wednesday. I’m still not sure whether I’ll read it at the wrap party. Let’s see how my voice is doing.

Ranma is doing an audiocast of Unsong and is up to Interlude Bet. Check it out here.

And James Koppel has an Unsong filk song “Far Into The Kingdom Of Heaven Bright” up here at his Soundcloud.

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