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Author’s Note 10: HaMephorash, HaMephorash, Party

This is by Raymond Arnold. And hopefully you didn’t miss the Bayesian Choir’s rendition of the title song.

Relevant wiki articles: Garden of the Gods, Samuel Butler, the Butlerian Jihad, The Red Wheelbarrow, The New Colossus, Eli, Eli, Pike’s Peak, Pikuach nefesh, Rabbi Kook.

I am going to be in the San Francisco Bay Area on Sunday May 14, and I would like to hold reading of the final chapter of Unsong and an end-of-book party for anyone who’s interested. If fans would like to organize this themselves, that would make my life easier. Otherwise I’ll figure something out and let you know at the bottom of the next chapter.

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33 Responses to Author’s Note 10: HaMephorash, HaMephorash, Party

  1. Do you know the timing of when the last chapter is going up that day? I can’t be involved in anything in California, but am interested in running a separate wrap party in Boston.

  2. DanielLC says:

    I uploaded the HaMephorash song with the chapter page things that have the lyrics on youtube here in case anyone wants to see that. I’m hoping someone else makes a better version with the fan art, but I suck at that sort of thing.

  3. Kolya says:

    I had a highly vivid dream last night that Scott published a 23rd interlude, Interlude Multiocular O, a letter whose kabbalistic implications are obviously immense.

  4. kechpaja says:

    So I posted about this in the Facebook group, but figured I should mention it here so more people see it: if there’s interest and no scheduling SNAFU’s come up, I’m thinking of organizing a post-wrap party in Massachusetts in late June centered around a trip to the New Bedford Whaling Museum (

    Would anyone else be interested in this, if we can make it happen?

  5. ThatGuyWithTheFace says:

    Holy shit Scott. You’re like a legit author now. Soon I’ll be able to stop telling people about some random guy’s blog and instead direct them to “essays” by the “noted author” (you wrote enough author’s notes to be a noted author) Scott Alexander.

  6. Bakkot says:

    Do you know the timing of the party? I’d like to attend, which will be easier if I can arrange my schedule ahead of time.

  7. TK17Studios says:

    I hereby offer up the CFAR/MIRI office lobby as a place you might go to that would comfortably(ish) hold 50 people and uncomfortably hold 100.

    • TK17Studios says:

      I dunno how many UNSONG fans (or just Scott fans generally) would show up to a thing in Berkeley, so the office may be disqualified just by virtue of not having enough space.

    • mindlevelup says:

      This would be good. I enjoy UNSONG and would likely be able to attend.

      • TK17Studios says:

        Thus far, I haven’t gotten any sense that this’ll actually happen, tho (e.g. nobody else being like YES PLEASE).

  8. Orpheus11235 says:

    Awwww man, I’m up north for school but it ends on the 12th and I’m home in SoCal on the 13th. So sad I can’t make the party!

  9. Oort says:

    I’d like to attend too.

  10. Chrysophylax says:

    Scott, how would you feel about emailing the chapter to people trying to organise wrap parties?

    If that’s OK by you, I suggest that people reply to this comment with the parties they want to arrange, as with the SSC meet-ups. (Or you could put up a post about it, Scott, which would work better.)

    Sunday 14th will be a meet-up day for London Rationalish and we got a large turnout of SSC fans yesterday. We also got an enormous turnout for the HPMOR wrap party, so these are popular events. I’m therefore keen to have the text before “late-ish” in SF, i.e. early on Monday in London.

    • Chrysophylax says:

      There will be a wrap party on Sunday 14th in London, UK, in connection with London Rationalish. If the weather is good, it will be in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn. If the weather is bad, it will be at the Penderel’s Oak pub, Holborn.

      Scott, may we also have an advance copy of the final chapter?

  11. Adam C says:

    Would anyone be interested in an Austin, TX wrap party? I’m chatting to the LW/SSC meetup group.

  12. Raymond Arnold says:

    New York is aiming to hold something.

  13. Little Yid says:

    I would like to perform a dawn or near-dawn reading of this at the Western Wall for obvious Kabbalistic reasons.

    May I get an advance copy of the script so I can print it out in advance?

    Alternatively – would you consider livestreaming your live reading? I would be just as happy to broadcast you at the Wall to our small flock over here.

  14. Vadim Kosoy says:

    We are going to celebrate the finale in LessWrong Tel Aviv on May 16, starting at 19:00. Location is Yigal Alon 118 (The Cluster). See also Facebook event.

  15. Betingslot says:

    ing to celebrate the finale in LessWrong Tel Aviv on May 16, starting at 19:00. Location is Yi

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