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Author’s Note 3: Microfic, Gaming, Sohu

Interlude ח is now up.

Relevant Wikipedia articles for the past few chapters: Comet West, the Kaifeng Jews, Had Gadya, the Gale-Shapley algorithm, John Dee, Enochian language, location arithmetic, Metatron, Raziel, Samyazaz, the Watcher Angels, the Golden Gate in Jerusalem, Coit Tower (and the eye mural within), non-overlapping magisteria, Isaac Bashevis Singer, the Avgad cipher, the Terracotta Army, “only Nixon can go to China”, Whinfield’s Rubaiyat.

Gadit (@thetransintransgenic) is “microficcing the Omer”, ie writing a new Unsong micro-fanfic for each of the forty-nine days between Passover and Shavuot. She hasn’t quite kept to the schedule, but you can read what she’s got here. I’ve helped with this one and this one, which you can consider canon if you want (the others probably don’t fit). The sudden inclusion of transfemale angel Gadiriel is not a deliberate Gadit homage, but you’re welcome to think of it as a sort of unintentional kabbalistic cameo if you want.

Mellonbread is developing an Unsong tabletop RPG.

75thTrombone is working on a sort of index of relevant facts which might get transferred to a wiki at some point.

My girlfriend Eloise has made some really amazing Sohu fan art. And here’s a sketch of Uriel by @responsible-reanimation.

The Unsong podcast is back in business.

If you’re interested in more discussion and fan art, you may want to go to the subreddit.

Astro Teller, grandson of Edward Teller, who was mentioned in the last Author’s Note, has gone on the record to state that fear of intelligent computers is overblown. Note also the name of the reporter conducting the interview. This is not a coincidence because nothing is ever a coincidence.

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20 Responses to Author’s Note 3: Microfic, Gaming, Sohu

  1. not_a_linguist says:

    Alternative link to the interview with Astro Teller, on (I seem to be unable to view the page even when I disable my adblock.)

  2. Daniel says:

    As a big fan of Isaac Bashevis Singer, can someone link or explain Scott’s reference to him.

    For anyone who knows a bit about IBS, while he’s an incredible author, his older brother (IMO) was the far better story teller – who I highly recommend to this community.

  3. Joe says:

    Eloise seems like a great gal. She seems wholesome.

  4. I’m hiking up Mount Baldy next week. If I run into Astro Teller up there I’m giving up and joining a yeshiva.

  5. mellonbread says:

    Thank you very much for the shoutout.

  6. Natron says:

    I’ve been participating in the UNSONG RPG playtest. It’s functioning as a pretty interesting murder-mystery so far. The UNSONG setting lends itself well to a role-playing game.

    Anyone interested in spending two hours of every Sunday finding out who shot a lower-class half-angle should consider joining.

  7. Marvy says:

    I like this pun from the microfic:

    It was […] a match made in heaven. […] And like all good matches, it caught and burned.

  8. Antigone says:

    How long will Unsong be? Approx. or exact # chapters, # books?

  9. Maggie says:

    With the friends I’ve been so fortunate to find, so many dreams have already come true, in no small part thanks to you! I suspect my Devil has a plan for the year ahead, but he wo18;&2n7#t tell me what it is…;) XOXOX

  10. Tyler Shelton says:

    I went to look at Reanimation’s sketch of Uriel, but it said “The URL you requested could not be found.”
    There are no coincidences.

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